Machines of the Month
Stock No. 008540
Motan LA 800/4 dehumidifier dryer. 800m/3 dry air flow rate. Dessicant pack with LB2400 1400mm d more...
Stock No. 008549
1400mm wide Welex Rossi PP twin wall line, Running 1-5mm ;120mm extruder, s/changer, die, calibr more...
Stock No. 008539
250mm x 75mm Schwabentham 2 roll lab mill model Polymix 150U. Electrically heated.
Stock No. 008545
1000mmm x 1000mm shelley model PF1010 vacuum former
Stock No. 008546
830mm wide Kiefel KVH83 preheater. 25-130c temp range. 25KVA Path rollers, oven heater.