Machines of the Month
Stock No. 008539
250mm x 75mm Schwabentham 2 roll lab mill model Polymix 150U. Electrically heated.
Stock No. 008546
830mm wide Kiefel KVH83 preheater. 25-130c temp range. 25KVA Path rollers, oven heater.
Stock No. 008606
1910mm Cloeren Epoch* III AutoGauge* 5.5 Extrusion Die
Stock No. 008605
Cloeren 5-Layer Dual Plane Feedblock wioth Plugs: CBBDA, BDAAC, DBAAC, CDBDA
Stock No. 008552
1300mm wide Alquist 2 station turret winder for 1m diameter sheet. Up to 30m/min. Variable speed more...